Writing a Book

My book will entail climate change, war abolition, a second Marshall Plan for the world’s poor, income distribution, taxes, nuclear weapons abolition and decriminalization for most drugs.

Readers will find some ideas found nowhere else.  I propose 100% income tax for anything over $10,000,000.  I propose a 90% reduction in the US defense budget.

Climate change is the number one challenge to life on earth.  The business and political communities along with the mainstream media are in denial.  I was an active alcoholic and I know denial when I see it.  An example comes from World War Two.  When the United States entered the war, German submarines had a field day on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, sinking 322 ships before losing their first one.  The US Navy was terribly slow at setting up convoys.  Restaurant and bar owners on the coasts kept their lights blazing to avoid losing business.  The shining lights severed as beacons to direct submarines to the ports. Eventually, the Navy was successful in getting cooperation to turn the lights off.  The business community is in denial about global warming as the coastal businesses were in 1941-1942.

Now Texas Governor Rick Perry’s answer to the drought and 16,000 wildfires in the state is to build 6 more coal fired power plants.  For him and most Republicans, global warming is a hoax.

Starting with Ronald Reagan’s presidency, middle class incomes have been stagnant while the richest 1% have grown fabulously.  Our prison population is the biggest in the world.  Our drug war is a failure.  Drug prices have decreased while the quality has increased.

With few exceptions, politicians in both political parties help the rich on purpose and help everybody else by accident.

Peace organizations and their web sites offer nothing to the reporter, research or casual viewer.  They refuse to state their case or give examples to show that non-violence usually works.  They refuse to give quotations from General Douglas MacArthur and Secretary of War (during WWII) Harry Stimson that mankind must abolish war or war will abolish mankind.  They have the perfect closed system, one that does not influence anything outside the system and is not itself influenced by the outside.

The book’s title is: World Peace – The Roadmap: You Can Get to There From Here.

Thank you,