World Cup – Colombia vs Senegal Thursday 9 AM CT – Ed O’Rourke

This is a big deal here.  There will be little activity outside in the streets.  Commercial activity will come to a stop.  There will be almost no crime because the crooks will be watching the game too.

We have a polarized society.  In the presidential election, my least favorite candidate won.  Ivan Duque will take office on August 17.  He will quash the FARC peace agreement in all but name.  Corruption will be higher than it was when General Rojas Pinilla was president in the early 1950s.  We will have more trickle down economics, almost no protection for the gays, the environment or any interest in smarter ways to deal with illegal drugs.

For those who read Spanish, see this commentary on the president-elect:


La aplanadora electa Julio César Londoño


The soccer matches currently unite our country and offer relief from political turmoil.





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