The Pentagon UAF Report – Ed O´Rourke

After all the smoke and fire, we know little more than we did 6 months ago. I am 76 years old. In my lifetime, I have seldom seen such excuses piled on excuses.  Experienced pilots and radar operators all have faulty judgment or defective machines every time.  The world´s most expensive equipment has missed what is going on.

The US intelligence budget runs about 30 billion per year.  If foreigners were manufacturing such aircraft, we could have seen it coming from reading their technical and scientific journals.

Scientists have gotten it wrong before.  Ancient Greeks knew that the world was a sphere.  Since the Sun´s rays would hit the globe at a right angle at the equator, they figured that there would be furnace temperatures there.  The Earth was at the universe´s center.  The Sun revolved around the Earth. Humans could not survive 100 mile per hour speeds.

The on-going theory is that the speed of light and the huge distances to other stars make travel to other galaxies impossible.  There is a possibility for wormholes that would override these physical laws.

In the police shows, the detectives go to wherever the evidence leads. Most scientists, however, reject any ET possibility out of hand.  If the police did what they did, cases would only be solved when the suspect turns himself in with a guilty plea.

The ETs have been around for a long time. Hopefully, they will formally announce themselves and tell us that humans are committing suicide in refusing to abolish poverty, reverse global warming and decommission nuclear weapons.



The foreign press is following the story. See this coverage from Germany.

US-Regierung zu UFO-Sichtungen
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