The Military Industrial Complex Is a Welfare State – Ed O’Rourke

After the Allied victory over the Axis, defense spending decreased.  On December 26, 1991, the Supreme Soviet declared that the Soviet Union and the Supreme Soviet no longer existed.  What has happened to defense spending since 1991?  It increased. 


In 1991, 84% of Soviet citizens lived in poverty. The CIA has overestimated The Soviet Union’s gross domestic product by one-third.


The US has had war without end since 2001 with no end in sight. 


William Astore recommends:


1. Our nuclear forces remain the best in the world, which is hardly something to brag about. They need to be downsized, not modernized, with the goal of eliminating them — before they eliminate us.

2. The notion that this country is suddenly engaged in a new cold war with China and Russia needs to be tossed in the trash can of history — and fast.

3. From its first days, the war on terror has been the definition of a forever war. Isn’t it finally time to end that series of conflicts? International terrorism is a threat best met by the determined efforts of international police and intelligence agencies.

4. It’s finally time to stop believing that the U.S. military is all about deterrence and democracy, when all too often it’s all about exploitation and dominance.

5. It’s finally time to stop funding the Pentagon and the rest of the national security state at levels that outpace most of the other major military powers on this planet put together and instead invest such funds where they might actually count for Americans. With an appropriate change in strategy, notes defense analyst Nicolas Davies, the U.S. could reduce its annual Pentagon budget by 50%.

6. Finally, it’s time to stop boasting endlessly of our military strength as the measure of our national strength. What are we, Sparta?

Read his 6 page article for more.  I hope that the presidential candidates pay attention.

How the Pentagon Took Ownership of Con Man Donald Trump

 How the Pentagon Took Ownership of Con Man Donald Trump





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