Ed O´Rourke made a demand for war abolition on November 15, 2017 Pax Christi gathering which took place at the Keon House at the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas USA. The Keon House is the residence for the Basilian Fathers.

Those who worked on this presentation were Terry O´Rourke, his wife Nivien Saleh, Ed´s wife Silvia and Father Richard Wahl, CSB.

Ed was born and raised in Houston.  During his early years, World War II was the rage for kids his age.  There were paperback books, movies and television shows dedicated to this theme.

The best war propaganda in English was the Victory at Sea series generated by the National Broadcasting Corporation in 1952. The producers reviewed 11,000 miles of film and enlisted the NBC Symphony Orchestra along with Richard Rogers and Robert Russell Bennett .

Television critics wondered out loud who would want to watch war movies on Sunday afternoon.  Within two weeks, they got their answer: just about everybody.

Peaceniks should examine the format and adapt it. We will never match the resources offered by the military industrial complex but we can give awards and recognition to songwriters, poets, screenwriters and authors who stir people´s emotions.

To convey a world peace dream by listening to these songs which were popular in the 1960s.

Crystal Blue Persuasion – Tommy James & The Shondells (With Lyrics)


Elvis – If I Can Dream + Lyrics

Victory At Sea – Beneath The Southern Cross – Episode 10

See this episode starting at 19:23 which shows the Brazilian and American navies fought the German submarine menace in the South Atlantic.

Ed´s transformation from hawk to war abolitionist was a long one.  At St Thomas High School in a Texas history class he saw that the wars with Mexico and later with Spain were  contrived.  In a Nuremberg-type trial, presidents Polk and McKinley would have been found guilty in waging aggressive war (the number one charge at Nuremberg).

In late 1962 the songs Blowing in the Wind and Where Have All the Flowers Gone? were popular.  War seemed less glorious but still necessary.  In January, 1969, Ed realized that it was not just the Vietnam War was wrong. They were all wrong.

Later in life he noticed that in Life magazine, the comic books and the movies that there was no blood.  The dead soldiers looked like they were asleep.  The dead bodies were fully clothed and intact.  This was great propaganda.

Learn from our right-wing friends with their excellent communication skills. Stop talking about vague concepts about peace and conflict resolution and demand war abolition by:

  • starting a world wide anti-poverty program,
    2) taxing international arms sales,
    3) beginning a moratorium on weapons research,
    4) reducing the bloated US military budget by 50%,
    5) training our armed forces for disaster relief,
    6) establishing a cabinet level War Abolition Department,
    7) reducing nuclear weapons to zero or nearly zero, and,
    8) negotiating for all the world’s nuclear weapons to go off hair trigger alert.

Ed wrote a draft encyclical demanding war abolition.

Refer to this detailed proposal to see the entire depth from the November 15, 2017 presentation.