Every president since Jimmy Carter has made decisions that help Wall Street and hurt everyone else.  People are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We may get an ignorant incoherent narcissist for president.

When I was a young teenager and for a while after that, the only term stronger than socialism was communism.  Today, people has no difficulty in accepting socialism for the rich.  Rather than recognize their benefits as welfare, we have other names: tax cuts, bailouts, capital gains tax, carried interest and tax havens. When others get something, they call their benefits  entitlements as if this were some gift from heaven. A better description for Social Security and unemployment compensation is earned benefits.  The employee or the employer or both have paid for what they will receive.

I understand that some free that university tuition is unreasonable for our society.  People who talk this way have short memories.  When I showed up at UT-Austin in September, 1966, the tuition was $50 per semester, which was close to being free.

Since the people in West Europe’s socialist countries have a higher living standard than Americans, I am puzzled at the difficulty to have socialism for everybody and not just the rich.

I invite you to read two short commentaries.  The first shows what tough shape many Americans are in.

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

By Paul Buchheit

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

Disposal Americans

The sense derived from all this is that half of America is severely financially burdened, at risk of falling deeper into debt. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

As often noted in the passionate writings of Henry Giroux, poor Americans are becoming increasingly ‘disposa…

Here is an excerpt from the second commentary:

The real story, however, is not about the two maverick candidates, but about the waves of ordinary people who’ve created and lifted their campaigns. They embody and give voice to the millions wrecked by Wall Street greed in the 2008 crash, who were left out of the widely ballyhooed recovery, and who now realize they’re not included in the elite’s laissez faire schemes of future American prosperity. These voters are hurting today, distressed about tomorrow, and fed up with the two-party indifference to “people like us.”

Public Rage at Glaring Inequality and Mass Downward Mobility Are Fueling the Bernie and Trump Phenomena

Sanders & TrumpPhoto Credit: Phil Roeder/Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC; montage by AlterNet)

Public Rage at Glaring Inequality and Mass Downward Mobility Are Fueling th…

The political elite are oblivious to irony: they are the ones who gave birth to the mass anger that now confront…

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