Cheering for Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez

I am hoping that the Holy Spirit chooses Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez from Honduras to be the next Pope.  Why should humanitarians look to him?  He would work to abolish poverty.  In 2004, at the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, he asked for a Second Marshall Plan to end poverty everywhere.  The rich countries would abolish poverty everywhere including their own countries.

A European organization, the Global Marshall Plan, has been advocating this for years.  I reject fatalistic excuses that this would be too complicated.  The Apollo 11 had two million moving parts.  The most intricate operation ever accomplished was the Normandy landings (D-Day, 1944).  NASA and Allied Command overcame the obstacles to land on the Moon in 1969 and win the war in Europe in 1945.  Humanitarians everywhere and the Catholic Church headed by Cardinal Rodriguez can carry out the noblest cause imaginable.

On other matters, I am hoping that the next Pope would order the bishops to stop be accomplices to pedophiles.  It time to ordain women and married people.  The old excuse that the Twelve Apostles were all male is no longer an acceptable excuse.  The apostles were all converted Palestinian Jews. Some apostles, including Saint Peter, were married.

Since my late wife, Gilma, worked for a medical doctor who is the cardinal’s cousin, I had the opportunity to spoke with the cardinal on several occasions when he was in Houston.  The cardinal is well read, intelligent and, most importantly, open to new thoughts.  May he go on to start a Third Vatican Council, with the attitude shown in the Second,  that will may save the church from becoming a relic as it is in Europe.

This week’s Der Spiegel has a remarkably comprehensive frank report on the Catholic Church.  Here is the link for the English translation: