What I Wrote to My Senator – Rick Coronado

Thanks, Ed.

Dear Senator Moran,

You need a special category above on gun laws. I had to hit Other

I left a general message this morning about passing gun laws that would help to prevent massacres at school such as the one that just happened in Uvalde, Texas. I am, by the way, from Laredo, Texas originally, and Uvalde is about 100 miles from my home town, and I have visited Uvalde. I have now lived in Atchison, Kansas for 40 years since I started teaching at Benedictine College in 1982.

I wish to add these specifics to my phone message. They are:

1. no sales of AR-15 or similar weapons to teenagers

2. ban high high-capacity magazines and bump stocks

3. general background check laws that link all states in a strong data base

4. Red flag laws and

5. safe storage laws.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, your constituent,

Rick Coronado

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