We Shall Overcome – Ed O’Rourke

I offer good news – for a change.  There are enough obstacles. Too many.  It seems like too few people care about what is happening to our precious planet and abolishing poverty.

Remembering the 1960s with the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War protests, I ask you to give peace a chance.  Ask everybody else too.

There are few times in life when you come face to face with Absolute Evil and overcome it.  The Allies did exactly that during the Second World War.  Spring, 1942, was the hardest time in the war.  The Axis Powers were advancing on every front. The Allies, however, did not lose heart.  In June, 1942, they started achieving significant defensive military victories, first at Midway, then El Alamein, Stalingrad and Guadalcanal.  In February, 1943, it was a long way from Stalingrad to Berlin and from Guadalcanal to Tokyo, but they had to start from somewhere.

I offer this article on lawsuits to protect Mother Earth. We have to start from somewhere.



The World Court of Ecological Awareness

These lawsuits, whether won or lost, are changing the world. They are part of what is known as the “Rights of Nature” movement.

Opinion | The World Court of Ecological Awareness
Opinion | The World Court of Ecological Awareness”The ‘Rights of Nature’ movement is fundamentally rethinking humanity’s relationship with nature, and it is gain…

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