Voter Registration – Ed O’Rourke

Please make sure that people you know who are warm to Joe Biden, those who hate DT or are undecided get a voter registration card.

When I have voted for president in Texas, I have voted for the Green Party candidate for many years.  It was a protest vote since Texas has been a solid red state since Jimmy Carter won in 1976.  Not now!  It will be close in Texas, Florida and many other states.  I will vote for Joe Biden this time.

If Texas goes blue, the southern strategy will end.  The Republican Party that emerges will be similar to what it was when Ike was president.

When DT sees that Joe Biden will win by 20 million votes, I anticipate that he will:

1)        declare martial law,

2)        start lawsuits to annul votes,

3)        declare a national emergency to postpone the election,

4)        carry out illegal activities to quash Joe Biden votes,

5)        incite riots,

6)        carry out the first 5 possibilities in some combination,

7)        have a (perhaps fatal) heart attack, or,

8)        take his own life.

Meanwhile see this commentary:

Trump’s unraveling: Mental health experts explain why the next 4 months could be really dangerous



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