The Situation in Colombia – Ed

Mary Rose was describing the situation in KC which sounds like Colombia.  The last number your national identity card determines which day you are allowed to leave your home to buy medicine and groceries and conduct transactions at the bank.  There is a quarantine or lockdown.  We are paying our maid even though she is not allowed to cross town to see us.

Silvia’s daughter and son-in-law live in Brussels.  He is a doctor and contracted the virus.  Then Diana got the virus.  Both are recovered now.

What was simple before is complicated now.  When the grocery store delivers, we wipe down the boxes and bottles.  Then we wash the fruit and vegetables.  Silvia has learned to conduct more transactions on line.  There are long lines at the banks. 

On Monday, the construction and textile workers can return to work.  There are stringent rules on social distance and protective clothing.

The churches and movie theaters are closed. When there is a funeral or wedding, only a few are allowed to be present.

Silvia’s son has been participating in food distribution to families in or near poverty.  About 60% are in the informal economy, street vendors, maids, small shops and fruit stands.

The government leaders here may be the best in the Western Hemisphere.  They have shown an active role at the national, state and local level.

President Clinton’s labor minister, Robert Reich, has stated that a society is only as healthy as the least healthy person.  I advocate a second Marshall Plan that will end poverty everywhere.

I attached a commentary that reflects feelings from the quarantine which criticizes both major political parties.

Viktor Frankl in his famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning,  said that death camp survivors all had something to look forward to upon liberation. Silvia and I are looking to spring, 2021, when we can see friends and relatives in Texas, Kansas City and Atchison.  I look forward to continuing environmental and war abolition activities.

Sincerely,Ed and Silvia

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