The Rich Know How to Run the World to Their Advantage – Ed O’Rourke

They know how to pick your pocket without you having any idea that they did it.  They blame poor black people for the misfortunes that they inflict. The federal mínimum wage, adjusted for inflation, is lower than it was in 1968.  In the US we have socialism for the rich and capitalism for the victims.  In the 2008 financial meltdown, Wall Street criminals received immunity and bailouts while 14 million victims received eviction notices.

The designation ‘’tax evasion haven’’ is a better description than ‘’tax haven’’.

Ronald Reagan’s welfare queen did not bother to exist. There are 65 people whose wealth equals that for 3.5 billion people.  This billion with a ‘’b’’. 

In the 2020 election there was scant attention to this situation that I described.

The One Percent are sociopaths who care little or nothing about guns, abortion or gays.  They like the wedge issues that distract the public.

To reduce abortion, I recommend abolishing child poverty everywhere in the world.

I invite you to see the latest study.Sincerely,

Crippling Common Good Worldwide, Landmark Study Shows $427 Billion Lost Each Year to Tax Dodging by Corporations and the Rich
Crippling Common Good Worldwide, Landmark Study Shows $427 Billion Lost …Common Dreams”Now more than ever we must reprogram our global tax system to prioritize people’s health and livelihoods over t…

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