The Long Haul – Ed O’Rourke

We are in the New Normal for a long time to come.  The isolation is inducing more poverty and despair.  I imagine that we will see more suicides whether they are declared that way or not.

I am hoping that this crisis will be the wakeup call to make people change the current situation with 1.8 trillion (world-wide) spent every year on armaments, tax havens, the greatest wealth difference in history, tax cuts for the rich and global warming (suicide).

During the Second World War, the people in the Allied nations were looking forward to more than a military victory.  They were looking to a better world.  They had the Bretton Woods agreement, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and United Nations. In the US, we had the GI Bill. In 1948, we had the Marshall Plan.

We will have to do things differently to ensure life on our precious planet.  President Clinton’s labor minister, Robert Reich, stated that any society is only as healthy as its least healthy member.  I ask for a world-wide effort to abolish poverty everywhere in a New Marshall Plan or a Green New Deal.

This hope is my guiding light. Silvia and I are living in a town outside Medellin.  We contribute to food projects and to friends who no longer have employment.  We have much inconvenience but no discomfort.  The Passover Seder ends with ‘’next year in Jerusalem.’’  My message is ‘’next year in Houston, Kansas City and other interesting places.’’

I ask friends and relatives to hang together. We shall overcome. We will have a better world. Working together, we can get to there from here.


Ed and Silvia

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