Remembering Thanksgiving in KC November 2014

We appreciate Kathy’s hospitality and all who worked on the party.  It was the last time I spoke to Leo and Katy Lee.

I offer my condolences for Leo, Katy Lee, Julie and Johnny.

Kansas City is always a great place to visit, seeing relatives and friends. We enjoy the Coleman Highlands, the Plaza, d’Bronx, Prospero’s Bookstore (West 39th and Bell) and Chubby’s (Broadway).

In Houston and Medellin, the bulldozer is king. We are happy that the people in KC and Atchison preserve old buildings.  When you are walking through Coleman Highlands and the cars are not on the street, you wonder if you are having a Twilight Zone type experience. Is the year 2018? Or is it 1948 or some other year?

We plan to visit in October, 2019 and invite everybody to d’Bronx and Prospero’s. Lunch will be on us.

Before arriving in KC, we were at the Super 8 in Atchison. It was cold.  I had the idea that it was not this cold when I was a student at Benedictine College in 1963-1963.   Of course, this was not a scientific observation. We were having breakfast and watching the KC news in the lobby when I heard that this day marked the coldest for this date. Wow!

Go Chiefs!

Happy Thanksgiving this year,


Ed and Silvia  

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