Provocative Super Bowl Commentary – Ed O’Rourke

Generally speaking, the average Super Bowl ticket costs between $2,500 and $3,000, but that price varies depending on the particular matchup and when the tickets are purchased. Super Bowl XLIX between the Seahawks and the Patriots was an exception to this rule, with tickets averaging $4,314.

I never heard Tim Duff´s name before today. His commentary starts with this:
The spectacle of the Super Bowl and NFL and college football is the acme of ideology, for in its full flower it exposes and manifests the essence of all ideological systems. It is the impoverishment, enslavement and negation of real life. The spectacle, just like the ancient Roman arena of bread and circus is the expression of estrangement, the alienation between human beings. This represents the extreme stage of the expansion that has turned necessity against life.

I invite you to read the entire story.






The Super Bowl Spectacle

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It is as if the sun never sets on spectacle and the empire of consumer passivity.. The spectacle of the Super Bo…

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