NY Times Article about Catholic Communion – Ed O’Rourke

The controversy about President Biden and the US bishops sparked this article showing how the Eucharist is important to Catholics.  This is square one for Catholics and distinguishes Catholicism from everybody else.



Beyond the Politics of Communion, a 2,000-Year-Old Holy Mystery
Beyond the Politics of Communion, a 2,000-Year-Old Holy MysteryFor many Catholics, the eucharist is something wholly apart from partisan skirmishes. It is quite literally abou…


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  1. The cake is moist and welcome, as are the occasional invitations to parishioners homes for supper. But in the end, they do little to ease the burdens of a solitary ministry and its long days of saying Mass, visiting the sick and the imprisoned, and overseeing a wide range of parish activities, as well as doing his own cooking and housekeeping. Father Roche, 52, is candid about the frustration of life as the only priest in a parish and the inherent loneliness and frustration that have become common in the Roman Catholic Church today. It s an unusual man who can do this, he said. Celibacy makes you focus on work and not on life; it s a practical tool for work, and you need someone like St. Paul to make it work.

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