November Elections – Ed O’Rourke

November Elections

Some years back I saw an article by two political scientists that showed that the lowest 70% in the social economic scale had no perceptible influence on national policy.  Others have stated that the percentage is even higher.

I invite people from the entire political spectrum to write a platform for the November elections.


The number one issue is gun legislation. Ask for the following as a minimum:

1. no sales of AR-15 or similar weapons to teenagers

2. ban high high-capacity magazines and bump stocks

3. general background check laws that link all states in a strong data base

4. Red flag laws and

5. safe storage laws.


The Republican Party is against any abortion whatever. 

I cannot solve the abortion issue. Like a good mediator, I can reduce the difference between opposing parties.  Every kid has the right to a happy childhood, a safe neighborhood, good food, shelter, medicine and good schools.

Subsidize families and not the One Percent.  Help families like they do in most European countries.

It costs $25,000 to $40,000 to adopt a child in Texas.  This should be a public expense rather than a personal one.  Grant $5,000 per year to the adopting families for the first 5 years.

As in Europe, make tuition for university or training schools a public expense.

I invite Right to Life supporters to consider children as well as fetuses.

Global Warming

End poverty everywhere with a world-wide Second Marshall Plan.  Fund environmental projects and alternative energy research.

President Bolsonaro in Brazil and others like him have no ideology.  They only know greed, money and stupidity.  Buy the Amazon rainforest and many other places in the world.  Make threatened areas into parks and hire people to protect the green space.

There is abundant money.  Tax the billionaires and close down the tax shelters (a euphemistic name for countries who sponsor tax evasion).  The Pentagon budget is equal to the next 9 countries in line.  I would feel safe when it is only equal to the next three.

Abolish the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs, like the Great Prohibition, has failed.  Look at Holland, Portugal and Uruguay for legislation that regulates drugs.

May the people who worship the gun manufacturers go down in flames.

I invite you to use my thoughts as draft.  Write your own platform and pass it around.   Be bold. Ask for the Sun, the Moon, the stars and half the planet.



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