My Letter to Congressman Dan Chenshaw – Ed O’Rourke

Economic Relief – Ed O’Rourke

I urge the federal government and the American people to exercise great generosity and imagination in this national crisis.  Give $1,000 per month (free from US and state income tax) to all unemployed.  For those still working at low wages or few hours per week or both, send them something too.

Be generous to other nations.  Lift the food, medicine, medical supplies and medical equipment embargo to North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and everyone else.

I hope President Trump ask for a ceasefire everywhere in the world including Syria.  Let the relief supplies reach everybody.

Thank you for your attention.


Edward T. O’Rourke,Jr., CPA

3227 South Braeswood Blvd

Houston, Texas 77025-2502

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