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I decided to contact Al Gore directly asking him to reduce the bloated Pentagon budget as an environmental measure.  Virtually no famous environmental writer considers this.

I offer my cover letter as a model.

Thank you for your attention.



Contact — Al Gore

Contact — Al GoreAl Gore www.algore.comContact

War Abolition as an Environmental Step 

I have read your books.  Something overlooked by all environmentalists is the bloated Pentagon budget which is equal to the next 10 countries in line. We have some 800 military bases in foreign countries.  This is way too much.

Americans would be safe if the budget were equal to the next three countries.  With the savings, there would be many resources available for a world-wide Green New Deal.

In 1965, Pope Paul VI advocated war abolition when he addressed the United Nations.  Many other famous people advocated war abolition: Calvin Coolidge, Henry Stimson, Albert Speer and Douglas MacArthur.  None offered specific steps on getting there.

Humans can start the path to lasting peace by:

1)         starting a world-wide anti-poverty program,

2)         taxing international arms sales,

3)         beginning a moratorium on weapons research,

4)         reducing the bloated US military budget by 90%,

5)         training our armed forces for disaster relief,

6)         establishing a cabinet level War Abolition Department,

7)         reducing nuclear weapons to zero , and,

8)         negotiating for all the world’s nuclear weapons to go off hair trigger alert.

I offer a 33 minute Youtube video that Father Richard Wahl and my family made making the case for war abolition.

Let?s Abolish War: An Evening with Edward T. O?Rourke

Thank you for your attention.


Ed O’

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