Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Jim

I usually don’t write here even though Ed has allowed me to do that at any time.

In these days we seem to talk more about divisions than about unity. It is the unity of us all that will sustain us in all situations. We may have differing viewpoints of how the situation could or would be handled, but in the end, it is the unity of us all that will sustain us.

This goes for world peace and climate change and political divisions. We all have an agenda. If we didn’t, then we would be pretty boring as a people. Thinking the same and acting the same.

It is hard for me to imagine that we could have world peace if we all want our own version of it. We can get along. We do it every day as a matter of course. We trust hundreds of people every day to keep us alive. How many people do you see every day, driving down the road or in the grocery store or at work. They don’t kill us, we trust them and they trust us not to harm them.

Why can’t we trust the judgement of others? Are we so righteous that it is our way or no way?

God has the plan for us and for the world if we just listen to him. Thank God that we have this season and the reason for the season. God’s ultimate gift for us was his Son. God on earth to help us in our journey. We need His guidance every day.

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I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Jim Simmons, Webmaster and a good friend of Ed’s.

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