Knox County and Its Beauty on Youtube

Knox County and Its Beauty on Youtube

I recommend making a Youtube presentation showing Knox County sites in the spring, summer, fall and winter featuring the courthouse, the Edina town square, the auction barn, the churches, the Gibbons Hotel, the auction barn, the old gasoline station in Novelty, other interesting sites and the natural beauty.

My brother and I spent three weeks in the 1959 and 1961 summers on Marion and Ceil Holman´s farm.  In May, 1991, I was getting serious on alcoholic recovery.  I could remember extraordinarily happy times in my life before I knew anything about alcohol.   This was a major incentive to get serious.  
I had the same memory for Camp Tecaboca (Texas Catholic Boys Camp) in Kerr County, Texas. On June 6, 2018, I achieved 27 years as a recovering alcoholic. Knox County and Kerr County are sacred places.



Ed O’Rourke

Medellin, Colombia

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