June 6 1991 – A Big Day Starting 29 Years Sober – Ed O’Rourke

On June 6, 1944, the whole world knew about the Normandy landings a few hours after they occurred.  Everyone knew their significance.  This day marked the final drive that would end the war in Europe.

June 6, 1991 was a day without fanfare in Houston.  I was working on reimbursement for leaks from underground storage tanks at the Houston Independent School District.  A Texas state agency offered a seminar at the O’Rourke Petroleum Facility on 223 McCarty Drive.  ( I am not related to this O’Rourke family.) Other HISD employees were there: Vernon Cross, Kenneth Johns and Billy Davis. 

I did not know it then but this day started my sobriety drive.   In late May, 1991, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided to start going back to AA meetings.  I remembered peak experiences in my life at Texas Catholic Boys Camp (TECABOCA) and a relative´s farm in Knox County Missouri.  I remembered that I had happy times before I knew anything about alcohol.

My family and colleagues were rooting for me. Vernon Cross and Kenneth Johns were especially supportive.

Gilma and I visited Kerrville and TECABOCA.  I saw Under The Influence and bought it.  I recommend this book for anyone who has difficulties with alcohol or if you have friends or relatives who look like they have difficulties.  The three chapters that describe the physiological effects were especially good.

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Silvia and I want to visit Houston, Kansas City and Atchison in spring 2021.  With the virus, who knows what life will be like?  I am hoping that a better world will emerge.  If humans are to have any future on earth, we must end poverty.  On the Medellin hillsides, there are families who get water in buckets.  It is even worse in Africa and Asia.  As long as we have poverty, our pandemics and other problems are worse than ever.

The good news is that we can get to there from here.



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