How Are Things in Colombia? Ed O’Rourke

Mary Rose was asking.

Here in Colombia, there is a national quarantine (shelter in place) that currently lasts until April 14 but will probably be extended.  Due to the quarantine we have no maid but pay her anyway.  We help other people, sending money online.  Silvia’s son is working with others delivering food and medical supplies to poor people. Silvia’s daughter in Brussels, Belgium has the virus.  She got it when taking care of her husband who is a doctor.  She will recover. Her husband is a fine doctor.  He contracted the virus when he was examining many people.

People over 59 years old are not supposed to leave their home at all.  Depending on your national identity card, on different days, people can to banks, grocery stores, pharmacies and such essential places.  Restaurants can make home deliveries.

On some days for a break, we do not watch the newscasts.

Silvia spends much time figuring out how to pay the utilities, health insurance and other bills online.  We paid some by computer before but we want to pay everything to avoid contact, getting or giving the virus.

Church services are suspended indefinitely.  Funerals are private affairs.

Angela Merkel stated that the virus is the biggest challenge since World War Two. I anticipate there will be sweeping social, political and economic reforms resulting from this shock.  From now on, everyone in the world must have access to health care.  We must abolish poverty everywhere.  Sixty five billionaires have as much wealth as 3.5 billion (billion with a ‘’b’’). I propose a wealth tax.  People with a net worth over one billion dollars must pay 5% of what they have to help the unemployed.  A Green New Deal will go a long way in reversing global warming.  Survivors will demand big time change, not the cosmetic kind.

I like the Abbey Mass (St Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison Kansas) that is available on the Internet.  Silvia likes to see Pope Francis celebrate Mass and hear his soothing messages.



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