Good News on Energy – Ed O’Rourke

The NY Times article shows that the energy companies are serious in developing alternative energy.  This was a pleasant surprise.  Exxon Mobil is the least progressive. See this excerpt and then the entire article.

Yet the changes Exxon is making, while big in absolute terms, seem like tinkering compared with what European oil companies are doing. BP has announced that it will increase investments in low-emission businesses tenfold over the next decade, to $5 billion a year, while shrinking oil and gas production by 40 percent. Royal Dutch Shell, Total of France and other European companies are making similar moves at varying speeds.


‘Is Exxon a Survivor?’ The Oil Giant Is at a Crossroads.

‘Is Exxon a Survivor?’ The Oil Giant Is at a Crossroads.Exxon Mobil is struggling to find its footing as demand for oil and gas falls and world leaders and businesses p…

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