Good News and Hope – Ed O’Rourke

With DT as president and the powerful corporations blocking progress, it is easy to get discouraged.  This commentary in today’s NY Times was something to see.  Extreme poverty in the world has been decreasing.  Colombia is a far easier place to live today than when I arrived in June, 1968.

We have services that the richest people in the world did not have.  On the Internet, I can hear music, listen to movies in German and write to you.

Working together, we must reverse global warming, reduce the military industrial state’s power and eliminate poverty.  Electing Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren will take us a long way. I imagine that AOC will run for president when she is 35 years old.I invite you to see this commentary, especially the final paragraph:
Opinion | This Has Been the Best Year Ever
Opinion | This Has Been the Best Year EverFor humanity over all, life just keeps getting better.
It is seldom in life that you come face to face with Absolute Evil and overcome it.  Spring, 1942, was the hardest time in the war for the Allies.  Axis Powers were advancing on every front.  The Big Three did not lose heart. They started achieving significant defensive victories at Midway and continued on to win at El Alamein, Stalingrad and Guadalcanal.  In February, 1943, it was a long way between Stalingrad and Berlin and Guadalcanal to Tokyo but the Allies had to start somewhere.  In 1943 they started offensives that would take them to Berlin and Tokyo.     

In late December, 2019, we are coming face to face again with Absolute Evil.  We are overcoming it.  Working together, we can get to there from here.



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