End Childhood Poverty – Ed O’Rourke

Every kid has the right to a happy childhood. Write this up as a United Nations declaration and an amendment to the US Constitution.  This means that every child will live in a safe neighborhood, home with running water, electricity and a connection to the Internet.  There will be public education without tuition from kindergarten to graduate school.

There is much money available to pay for all this. We have 65 billionaires with the same wealth as 3.5 billion people. Institute a world-wide wealth tax for all individuals with more than 10 million dollars in net worth.

The US military budget is equal to the next 10 countries in line.  Make the budget equal to the next 3 and we will be safe.Europeans have been working many years for a world-wide poverty abolition program.  See details at: https://www.globalmarshallplan.org/english/. In the United States, many are calling for a Green New Deal for the US and everywhere else.  See more about this in Naomi Klein’s book.

On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal

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Use closed military bases for kids to have the rural experience.  As a child I had a wonderful experience at Texas Catholic Boys Camp near Kerrville, Texas and living on a family farm in Knox County, Missouri.

When I left Texas in 2008, it costs $25,000 to adopt a child.  I propose that the federal government pay these expenses and give a $5,000 grant to the adopting family for 5 years.

I ask the pro-life and pro-choice groups to lobby to improve conditions for children everywhere.  An anti-poverty program will drastically reduce abortions.


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