DT as Folk Hero – Ed O’Rourke

Cold blooded killers, Jesse James, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde and others have achieved fame and admiration.  Missouri governor Thomas T. Crittenden, who pardoned Bob Ford for killing Jesse James and Ford’s previous activities in Jesse’s gang, did not get reelected.

Condemned killers in Texas are housed in death row in the Huntsville prison.  There is a trailer park near the prison with women dedicated to these vicious killers.

The folk hero idea makes sense.  See these two commentaries:

What the history of folk heroes tells us about Trump’s most ardent supporters


Trumpism Extols Its Folk Hero

The president’s devoted supporters have turned him into a legend of sorts.


I have seen many commentaries trying to figure out why white evangelicals and working class people would stop a bullet for someone opposed to their fundamental values.  The tax cuts benefit the rich.  Quashing Obamacare would deprive many from have any health care coverage.

Normal rules do not apply to folk heroes.

DT voters know:

The Chinese did not fabricate climate change ,

Ted Cruz’s father did not participate in the Kennedy assassination,

There is no law prohibiting anyone from disclosing their income tax returns,

His inauguration crowd was not the biggest in US history, and,

John McCain was a patriot.

DT critics would do well in realizing that we dealing with someone who is a folk hero to his followers.  Criticizing this unstable president will do no good.  Talk about the issues, health care reform, clean air, water, uncontaminated soil, taxation for the rich and everything else.




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