Dirty Money Everywhere – Ed O’Rourke

The Establishment likes war and violence.  Learned people know that the war on drugs is ineffective but it helps the banks.  The US is the number one arms merchant in the world.  The US defense budget is equal to the next 10 countries in line.

If you commit a war crime in Iraq, you get immunity. Disclose the war crime and you go to jail.  Ask Edward Snowden. Look at the NY Times commentary on dirty money to see what happens to whistleblowers. 

I invite you to read the article below.  See an excerpt here:

Taken together, the articles exposed a dark truth: “Dirty money” — terrorist financing, drug cartel funds, fortunes embezzled from developing nations, the profits from organized crime — flows so freely through the world’s most powerful financial institutions that it has become inextricable from the so-called legitimate economy.

She Exposed the Truth About ‘Dirty Money’: It’s Everywhere



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