Demand a Better World – Ed O’Rourke

It is time to abolish poverty everywhere.

During the Second World War, the people in the Allied nations were looking for a better world to emerge after the war. Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin made efforts to prevent another major war and avoid a second Great Depression.

There was some progress in this noble goal.  There was the Breton Woods Agreement, the United Nations, the World Bank, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs plus a great emphasis on cooperation among nations.

With this killer virus, I ask for a better world to emerge by making the supreme effort to abolish poverty, reverse global warming and abolish war. Before the virus there was a moral obligation that the One Percent could brush aside.  Now there is a great incentive: human survival on our precious planet.  President Clinton’s labor minister Robert Reich stated that a nation’s health was only as strong as the sickest citizen.  The United Nations president has called for a ceasefire in all current wars. We are in this world together.  There are no lifeboats. There are no other planets available for migration.

The new goal is poverty abolition everywhere.  Americans can finance this by reducing the military budget which is equal to the next 10 countries in line. In business school, we learned management by exception, paying attention to profit and cost centers that fall outside expectations.  Americans are supporting a welfare state for the military industrial complex.  Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman says that we are paying money that we do not have for weapons that do not work to use against enemies we do not have.

Start taxing the rich. Sixty five billionaires have as much wealth as 3.5 billion people.  This is billion with a ‘’b’’.  When I was a child, Eisenhower was president. With Ike the highest marginal tax rate was 91%. The 1950s were a prosperous period.  With Lyndon Johnson we had the War on Poverty.  There were no tax havens in those days.  Initiate a world-wide wealth tax.

I wrote a 24 draft encyclical for Pope Francis.  See this attached.  The Catholic Church has its difficulties. The recent Popes have been increasingly against violence and for the environment.  In 2003, John Paul II declared that the upcoming war with Iraq was illegal and immoral. Attorneys specializing in international law agreed.  Naomi Klein, Green New Deal author is a Pope Francis fan.

With minor editing, Al Gore or Greta Thunberg could sign the same statement as the Environmental Declaration.

Now is the time to ask for the Sun, the Moon, the stars and half the planet.

I ask you to write an improved message and send it to me by April 1.

Thank you for your attention.



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