Davos, Global Warming and Other Thoughts – Ed O’Rourke

Human beings and all living creatures face challenges from global warming, poverty and nuclear weapons that are even greater than when we faced the Axis Powers.

Humans will have to do many things differently than we did before.  I propose a 100% tax on all income over $10,000,000.  The one percent are good at asset accumulation and exploitation.  They are completely indifferent to anyone’s well-being other than their own and show contempt to anyone who wants significant reform.  They elected someone who has given subsidies in lower income taxes and who has said that global warming is Chinese propaganda.

I invite you to see this Davos commentary:

Watch this historian call out Davos elite to their faces: ‘Stop talking about philanthropy’ and pay higher taxes


Edward O Wilson proposes turning half the Earth into a conservancy:
 Inline image

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