Capitalism Has Failed – Ed O´Rourke

The whole system collapsed in August 2008.  Wall Street has received everything they asked for.  Starting with President Reagan, there was lax labor law and environmental protection enforcement. With globalization, the capitalists could shut down factories in the US and do business in countries with lax labor and environmental laws. President Clinton relaxed financial market regulation.

When the crisis hit, Congress prepared an $800 billion loan almost overnight. Ralph Nader asked why there were not orderly bankruptcies.  I asked for nationalizations.

With President Bush the Son and President Obama, the criminals received bailouts and immunity. Their 14,000,000 victims received eviction notices.

We have the most expensive health costs in the world.  

We still have people who think that capitalism is better than socialism. 

With that background, I invite you to read the attached commentary.

Thank you for your attention.


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