Brutal Satire When Talking about Global Warming – Ed O’Rourke

I have never seen such brutal satire in an environmental commentary.
My theory is that the One Percent are addicted to wealth and power in the same way that someone is addicted to heroin. They have attended the world’s finest universities but do not understand what junior high kids do.  We need a Twelve Step for them fast.See these excerpts and then read the entire commentary:Even conservatives who grudgingly concede that a carbon neutral economy would be ideal for humanity and nature in the long run find themselves balking as soon as they see the bill. In the end, it’s better to do nothing than disrupt the exquisite machinations of the Invisible Hand. Intervention is socialism and we can’t have that. We’re Americans.We shouldn’t be taxed for our addiction to fossil fuels or forced to use solar, wind or electric vehicles for the sake of the future. Subsidizing clean energy unfairly punishes fossil fuels that got us where we are today. It’s better to be ‘fair’ than to breathe clean air.Capitalism’s ‘Practicality’ While We Bake to DeathDuring one of the hottest summers ever, we’re weirdly blasé.Opinion | Capitalism’s ‘Practicality’ While We Bake to Death
Opinion | Capitalism’s ‘Practicality’ While We Bake to Death”Even as the day of our extinction approaches, we’re mostly convinced that we’re here to dominate the Earth and …

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