America’s Killer Capitalism – Ed O’Rourke

Faced with data showing a long-term decline in wages alongside rising inequality and “deaths of despair,” apologists for the status quo tend to rely on several arguments to explain away the problem. None of them withstands scrutiny.

Many Americans are suffering.  This is a major factor why millions seek protection from a selfish billionaire. Anne Case and Angus Deaton describe this in their book Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism.  See their article below. America’s Killer Capitalism | by Anne Case & Angus Deaton – Project Syndicate
America’s Killer Capitalism | by Anne Case & Angus Deaton – Project Synd…Anne Case & Angus DeatonAnne Case & Angus Deaton show that there are no excuses for the declining prospects among less-educated cohorts.

I advocate a world-wide poverty abolition program similar to the Marshall plan featuring a minimum guaranteed annual income for everybody.



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