A Well Thought Out Stimulus Package – Ed O´Rourke

’’Take this seriously.  Since the Second World War there has not been a challenge to our country that requires such a complete and social response.’’

Angela Merkel

I advocate that the stimulus package goes to some businesses and individuals.  It must be comprehensive.  I want most people to stay home and be comfortable.

A friend, in Atchison, Kansas, observes that the stimulus package may not do much anyway:

 ‘’I don’t I think this stimulus is a good idea..  We have already seen Nancy try to sneek billions into it for tax payer paid abortions and I am sure the republicans are trying to sneak in their own agenda too.  Checks wont work, a lot of people don’t have id’s, a lot of people don’t have bank accounts, most banks require 2 forms of id to cash a check.  It will have to be debit cards or cold hard cash.’’

To be effective, we have to suspend some current regulations.  For example, put deportations on hold until the crisis is over. When I lived in Houston, I talked to undocumented people to discover that they did not have banking accounts because the banks required a Social Security number.  They received pay through intermediaries, i,e., people with SS numbers.  Until the crisis ends, allow people to have bank accounts with their national identity number.  Just about all the countries require people to have a national identity card.  In the US, we use a SS number and a driver’s license.

Also, unscrupulous politicians will attempt to add pork for their clients.

Any stimulus must be well planned. Ideas are available by the ton. I invite you to see this Robert Reich commentary below.Sincerely, 


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