A Joint Statement from Pope Francis and Antonio Guterres – Ed O’Rourke

The United Nations Secretary, Antonio Guterres, and Pope Francis have asked for a ceasefire in all current wars.  This is a draft statement that I am asking both to sign. The underlying message is when humans make major reforms outlined here, the ceasefire can become permanent. 

The pandemic has generated serious thoughts on ideas that were previously pure fantasy in the mainstream media: Medicare for all, guaranteed annual income, debt forgiveness for college loans, and a pause in paying rent until the pandemic ends.

Now it is time for serious reductions in the world’s military budgets and a world-wide effort to abolish poverty everywhere. Even though the Soviet Union went out of business on December 26, 1991, the American taxpayers have not received a peace dividend. The current US military budget is equal to the next 10 countries in line.                                         

My proposal is too long by a mile and a half.  I invite you to make a Readers Digest version and pass it around to anybody and everybody, especially your congressman and your two senators.



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