A Fine Book on the Environment and Other Thoughts– Ed O’Rourke

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“This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.” —Yuval Harari

“The Paris Agreement was a landmark for humankind. In this timely and important book, two of the principal creators of that agreement show us why and how we can now realize its promise. I hope it is widely read and acted on.” —Jane Goodall

“Figueres and Rivett-Carnac dare to tell us how our response can create a better, fairer world.” —Naomi Klein

The authors worked on the Paris Agreement. Christina Figures’ father was Costa Rica’ president.  Her grandfather had the same honor.

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Buy the Amazon Rainforest

Billionaires and governments in the developed countries can buy vast land tracts in Brazil and everywhere else.  Make the land into parks with police protecting the areas from devastation.

Plant trees and conduct environmental projects that will employ millions.

The billionaires can name the parks for themselves.  When they buy the property, they can maintain it.

Landowners in the Amazon are attached to money and not to any ideology.  They will sell to the highest bidder.

Environmental groups can serve as real estate agents looking for property and willing sellers.   They would get a commission for their sales. 

Last Thought

‘’A new day is coming.  People are changing. ‘’

Tommy James and the Shondells

The Ukraine Invasion Will Provoke Changes

There is an effort to develop green energy that did not previously exist.  I propose that people stop thinking that nuclear power is an answer.  It is expensive and dangerous.  The nuclear power plants are never completed on schedule and wind up costing many time the original estimate.  See this:

When construction on Comanche Peak began in 1974, TU Electric (the former name of EFH) estimated that it would take five years to build and cost $779 million. It took 15 years and $9.1 billion. The construction took so long because some regulators and activists had safety concerns.

Comanche Peak is near Fort Worth.

Before February 24, President Biden’s wealth tax would have gone nowhere.  Now there is attention on the billionaires and tax havens will be next.

I hope that AOC, Bernie Sanders and others will draw attention to this.



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