2020 Election Projections – Ed O’Rourke

From reading three paragraphs in the attached article, I predict a watershed year for 2020. It will be like 1932 or 1964. Herbert Hoover was a decent guy. Lenin praised him for famine relief in Russia.


If the Senate does not remove him from office or if he does not die from overeating, a huge crowd will vote against him. If President Pence runs, the turnout will be less.

A ‘Beat Trump’ Fervor Is Producing Big Turnouts for 2020 Democrats
Almost a year before voting starts, candidates are drawing large, enthusiastic crowds on the campaign trail as v…

Based on projected voting results, the Republicans would be wise to remove him from office and the Democrats would be wise to keep him in.

For many years after 1932, the Democrats ran against Herbert Hoover. I imagine DT will be a punching bag for a from 2022 – 2040.

Democrats will win big, much bigger if DT is on the ticket.



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